Coated Fabrics & Specialized Films from Majilite Custom | High Performance Coating and Laminating

Bringing ingenuity and experience together.

Delivering high performance results for your coating and laminating needs.

Majilite Custom develops and manufactures high-tech cast films and coated fabrics for the world’s most demanding industries. We apply innovative chemistries using our state-of-the-art coating and laminating equipment to produce advanced engineered materials.



Majilite Custom offers over 70 years of experience in product development and manufacturing services to provide industry leading engineered films and fabrics.



Majilite Custom’s modern coating equipment provides advanced capabilities to produce highly innovative films and coated fabrics.



Our manufacturing expertise is at your service. Collaborate with our skilled experts and utilize our state of the art equipment to fuse our technologies.



Our Chemists, Engineers, Color Matchers, and R&D Technicians await your challenge to develop the solution you need.


Majilite Custom films and coatings are in demand in many industries, including Medical, Industrial, Textile/Apparel, Aerospace, Footwear, Automotive, Military and Electronics.

Contact us to discover the custom solution that brings your idea to life.