Specialized Films from Majilite - Designed Custom for Your Project

Specialized Films

Majilite Custom’s expertise in current trends in polyurethane chemistry and a variety of other polymers enables our films to be custom designed for your needs.

Some examples of key attributes our films can provide:


• Protective/barrier
• Waterproof & breathable allowing moisture vapor transfer
• Flexible & highly conformable
• Stretch & recovery
• Radio-frequency, ultra-sonic, and heat weldability
• Low coefficient-of-friction for smooth feel and no tack
• Films as thin as 0.5 mil for conformability and light weight

Majilite Custom offers immediate options for polyurethane medical film.


Lansdorf films are thin cast poly urethane films possessing uniform thickness with a matte finish.


Lansdorf 1001 – Download >>>
Lansdorf 1200 – Download >>>
Lansdorf 1400 – Download >>>

Contact us to discover the custom solution that brings your idea to life.