Products from Majilite Custom | Coated Fabrics, Specialized Films, Toll Services


Majilite Custom’s unique coating capabilities allow us to process solvent and water-based polymer formulations to provide you with a single or multi-layer product in one operation.

Typical products include:

  • Multi-layer or Mono-layer films on release paper
  • Transfer cast coated or direct coated wovens, non-wovens and foams

Our casting process can also incorporate additives and fillers to impart or alter properties to create performance attributes tailored to your specific application:

  • Metal powders for magnetic and EMI shielding properties
  • Pigments for a wide variety of colors
  • Antimicrobials to prevent bacteria growth

Majilite Custom is ISO 9001 certified.



Directly coat or transfer coat single or multi-layers onto wovens, nonwovens & foams.



Customized with polyurethane chemistry and other polymers.



Coating, lamination, tumbling, softening and more.

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